Awesome Story

Awesome Bali Cycling is the creation of Made but most people know him as Poni and Janet his Aussie mum. Poni was a bike tour guide for over a decade and dreamed of one day starting tours of his own that will show you Bali through his eyes, beautiful, peaceful and a place to call home. That’s why every tour ends with lunch in his family home and a swim at the waterfall where he played as a child. He wanted everyone to fall in love with the real Bali and see the pieces and the real faces often missed from the sandy beaches and amazing resorts.

In 2006 Janet who was a seasoned traveller to Bali did a bike tour and had a guide called Poni. They instantly connected and every time she returned to Bali they saw each other. Janet would stay at Poni’s home in the orange room and they would talk for hours. Janet fell in love with Beng Village and its people. She saw the humility of the people around the area, many of whom were in need of education, jobs and a helping hand and wanted to help this village and the more rural and poorer ones you may come across on tour. One day Poni shared his dream of starting a bike tour company. Soon Janet was swept up in the dream and together they decided this dream would come true and use it as a way to give back to the village and provide employment, education and a helping hand to the locals woven into the tour experience.

Janet moved to Bali into the orange room permanently and one of their many talks on the veranda they came up with a name "Awesome Bali Cycling" because that’s exactly what they wanted you to experience when you came on the tour. They designed it to be the tour that is the right fit for the littlest of riders, and seeing Bali for the first time to the seasoned traveller. With you in mind they designed the Mt Batur tour to give you a glimpse into everyday life in Bali, let you fall in love with its people, make lifelong friends along the way and make you feel like you have come home when you walk into their home.

Its their story lived out. Literally! They turned their friendship, experience and love for Bali into a great day out for your family and friends. In June 2016 Awesome Bali Cycling officially set off on tours. Only two months after Mum Janet sadly and suddenly passed away but not before living out her dream of moving to Bali and helping Poni realize his dream that is Awesome Bali Cycling.